Reviews for "CLAB - Teqneek vs Carefoot"

well damn, lets break this down...
teq: claims that if carefoot does a poor job he'll direct his verse2 at the next opponent
care: apparently did a really good verse because...
neek: directs this verse squarely at carefoot
foot: thinks teqneek did a poor job though and uses his verse2 to diss his following opponent

carefoot despite being inferior in skill wins this with a single epic flip.

Teqneek absolutely smashed Carefoot. Better flow and punches, didn't hold the competition up for a week, and most importantly, he actually rapped his bars. Talking to the mic isn't rapping, Carefoot.

Teq definitely won this lmao but Carefoot gets props for making me laugh until my eveything haemorrhaged.

Teq for advance and +$500.