Reviews for "CLAB - Teqneek vs Carefoot"

My name is ManClock
I'm like no other just a white skinned man white a clock who raps like a brother
whos Jakobe?

Round 1 - Teqneek shows he can add a vocoder to his voice and can successfully do Immortal Techniques discography and still be bland as fuck.
Round 1 - Carefoot freestyles his large manstickles and hints at manclocks secrets powers.
Round 2 - Teqneek lies, uses Carefoots own jokes from the forum and fails to address his opponts due to Manclocks gigantic balls of steel.
Round 2 - Carefoots lost freestyle tape still is better then Teqneeks meticulously bitten and ghost written first + 2nd.

Disqualify Teqneek for EDITING CAREFOOTS VERSE!!!

Carefoot wins by technical knock out, disqualification and having the freestyle prowess of a god.

Give Carefoot the 500 TEQNEEK YOU FRAUD!!!!

Flow: Teqneek, 4-1
Punches: Teqneek, 3-2
Flips: Teqneek, 3-2
...what the hell happened to verse 4 man. Teq stole this in a curbstomp face fucking.

Of course Teq wins. Fuck this carefoot dude. I do have to give him props for recording this through his baby monitor though, impressive.

Carefoot wins I don't care hands down

carefoot just kinda talked so teqneek gets my vote