Reviews for "CLAB - Teqneek vs Carefoot"

id have to say teq...sounds like carefoot put no effort in...

vote: Teqneek

Oh lawd, my ears.

Teqneek wins, obviously.

Carefoot destroyed Teqneek. Teqneek betta go on home

carefoot is good, and carefoot might won over manclock, but teqneek is slightly better.

keep rapping, it was fun!

First ever battle review + vote.

I honestly believe to even consider yourself to be a rapper, you need to be enlightened and know who you are. I've listened to tracks from carefoot before where he stumbles extremely awkwardly through his verses as he tries to cram so many words while going offbeat and still not being able to get whatever he was trying to say across. Most of the time there's nonsensical shit that may pass for a punchline if for any reason at all you share the same shitty sense of humor that carefoot has. This battle isn't any different. It feels like he's just freestyling through all of his verses which only works if you're actually talented and know how to rap. Carefoot isn't talented and doesn't know how to rap, and that's something that is necessary in a rap battle.

With that said, there isn't anything that's jaw dropping from Teqneek who is more than capable of killing it. Considering his opponent I'm not too surprised, as you could just consider it a bye into the next round. However, the punches he did throw actually landed, and didn't sound like they were delivered through some alcoholic who was attempting to rap for the first time in his life.

I'd do a round by round breakdown in most cases, but I don't even really consider Carefoot's last round to be valid considering he took one of Teqneek's lines (I'll spend my second round dissing my next round's opponent) to a very high amount of mediocrity that wasn't funny or hard hitting in the slightest. It's also irrelevant to the battle. Teqneek gets this for actually staying relevant throughout the entire battle, and at least making somewhat of an effort.