Reviews for "CLAB - Teqneek vs Carefoot"

Tucker made me louder on the track if your ears are bleeding send a PM to Teqneek and call him a faggot. Oh and he tried to back out of this battle you pussies voting for him. You all love how he sings, adds an overdub? You can click my channel for the original verses, disstracks and they're all unmodified. Oh an Teqneek is weak I eat his cheese, this collabtrap things for me. To the slew of retards below ya'll can kill yourselves. I cannot believe he made me so loud on my track that people are voting zero. I gave no permission for him to edit my verse and he did anyway. He deserves to be disqualified for using all my lyrics, singing, using an overdub, editing my verse and just generally being a liar.

He also tried to back out of the battle. Then when that didn't intimidate me he tried to put 500 dollars up and that is the only way he won. In that he bullshitted himself that hes worth 500 dollars of all these viewers time and money. Which he isn't.

I apologize to everyone Teqneek rapes with my wrong verses, wrongly edited all so he could fantasize of getting 500 dollars and all for what? He punishes you the listeners.

I now don't feel bad about taking this win from you Teqneek you cowardly anonymous faggot.

Sorry to AxeTek that not only did Teqneek tag himself in this but he also didn't use the lossless version of your beat. I'll apologize on Teqneeks behalf to the listeners because I for one didn't make myself 7 decibels higher then when I uploaded this to BigRed.

Teqneek beats Carefoot. Carefoot couldn't come up with anything interesting to say and said it in the worst way possible.

5 stars for teq, i heard teqs first verse an few bars of carefoot and teq already heard it, the most destroyed rapper ive heard in newgrounds so far. care foot jus got amputated from his leg by teq. fake fuks get lamped and hated from this mess by check ;) !!! dont know if that lines been used but it shoulda been lol 1 love teq. teqneek ad it 1 million % nice beat 2 big ups teq

Holy shit, Carefoot makes Soulja Boy sound like Nas! Teqneek wins this, hands down.

These 3 starts go solely for that awesome beat, because for real, i need an instrumental version of this, those guys ruined this tune, damn.

everyone loses here, even the listeners.