Reviews for "{Paranorma}"


great song. id like to hear more like this.keep up the good work


i like this song! makes me wanna dance :P

great beat... v2 is still better

i love this

2ND ROCK VERSION!!!!! 2ND ROCK VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cornandbeans responds:

wtf are you talking about lol

anyway, glad you liked it. XD

Very Cool

A very upbeat song... keeps you anticipating on to the next beat.

cornandbeans responds:

:D thanks! you might want to check out V2, just because the percussion is better. :P Or you could wait for the Paranorma Dark Remix that I'm coming out with soon... ;)


One of the best songs ive heard on ng. Listening and reviewing again... Ooh! nice piano! ur a real good artist w/ a lot of talent! Keep it up! Man u stuff gets better and better! Music Theory perhaps? Maybe thats what i need. Well thats all from me!

cornandbeans responds:

hehehehe. :D One of the best? I'm glad I rank up there. :) Thanks for the review!