Reviews for "ParodyRangersTheMovie P.3"

Pretty good

The beginning was slow and not very funny but it picked upright after. Sex jokes were a bit extreme but hey! Not like many people really give two shits. Great flash and I hope to see them maybe doing individual flashes. 9/10 overall only because the beginning was slow.

Lot of sequels on the front page today

A little disappointing, need more zed

decent...but not a very good ending

The Parody Rangers SERIES was probably one of your better efforts. despite being mindless parody, it was fun, silly and at like all good parodies completely ridiculed the series it was based on whilst still finding time for affection. it was like the polar opposite of Brawl Taunts.

By episode 3 of said series however you became a little too aware of your 'internet' audience and shoved in a bazillion memes that nobody will get in a few years, eliminating most of the comedy anyways because said memes weren't funny in the first place. The self-referencing also went a tad too far as well. there's only so much fourth wall breaking an audience can take, particularly when the characters are completely in your face about it.

the movie, in its 60 minute glory, unfortunately followed the same mistakes of the series. it started off well, evan splooge was a breath of fresh air and much more parodic of an actual power rangers villain, instead of the bizarre anime fusion lord zedd guy (whom if I understand correctly is his son or something like that). if anything i enjoyed watching him and his cronies the very most in the movies. the voice acting on their parts was great. you should have made a movie about just the villains.

by part two of the parody rangers movie you began to descend a little too far into the whole sex joke thing, culminating in an awkward shadowed sex scene. it gets even worse here. much like the use of memes in the series, you took the sex jokes from part 2 and made them the entire movie.

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't without its highlights. the cynical old man portrayal of zordon has been funny since the flash series first started, the rangers are enjoyable enough when they're not screaming in your face, and i love the way the evil cronies (especially the green guy) are written and acted.

The thomas part I never saw coming. I laughed out loud. Well done.

the animation is much better but still a little too 'functional' and the backgrounds lack care and attention as oney said.

still, congratulations on completing a 60 minute flash movie. however i keep getting the feeling that with 30 minutes of silly filler and bad sex jokes/references removed, this could have been something really good and a much more fitting end to your best comedic work.

-Gives Standing ovation-

Well done, guys... well, done.

so and so~

Its was alright, great animation, a good laugh here and there, but the whole scenario was pretty cliche' and kinda to be expected. good job though.