Reviews for "ParodyRangersTheMovie P.3"

Holy shit tacos! AT LONG LAST!

And yet hardly worth the wait. It's like the press start movie: while it had some very funny parts the stupid outweighed the funny.... 6 instead of 5 cuz you put the final boss of Megaman starforce as renaldo's zord.

What happened to the Parody Rangers...

I remember back in the beginning, when this wasn't a full blown hour long flash you were making, the jokes were fresh and you didn't have to rely on making sex jokes. It seemed as if you used all the original and creative humor in the beginning and over time ran out of material. I do realize that this is newgrounds and sadly enough, cock jokes run rampant in many peoples flashes. My question is whether or not you really want to be seen as using the same talentless jokes we see in the new flash section or do you want to develop your own gags that are fresh and original.

took long enough, but worth it

i can't even remember when part 1 got uploaded anymore, but hell it's over now and it was good shit.
I'd give you a higher score if possible just for the random thomas the tank engine gag



Happycat? NEDM!
You're truly the man now dog


now i want to watch the series and the movie all over again ah memories