Reviews for "ParodyRangersTheMovie P.3"

I guess it somewhat true. " All about the jokes"

Funny stuff here. Great job with the jokes and voice acting.

Its been quite a tale that is so different and yet familiar at the same time.

Keep up the unpredictable work in the future with other projects.

Ten pounds of awesome in a five-pound bag

So great, in fact, that it actually was worth waiting all this time for. Awesome from the setup to the end of the credits -- great animation and voices, great music and synch, and most of all great writing. I applaud your hilarity and am glad I got to vote during Judgement. Your parody rules!

Not the best...

But pretty damn good.
Some of the jokes I didnt get (The princess and the frog fieasco?)
and most of it was just sex jokes, but there was one moment that just summed up newgrounds perfectly.
Other than that it was pretty damn good, the ending made no sence, but I dont really care. I thought the Zet/Neko relationship could have been done better, and thats where the disapointment comes in, I was really looking forward to them and their pillow talk. All and all, a good ending.

Kirbopher responds:

Reference to "The Frog Princess" being the original title of "The Princess and the Frog" which caused some racial issues.

What a nice way to end a series.

Kirb you are and always will be one of my favorite animators on the internets. Can't wait for the next series you will be pumping out.