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Reviews for "H.a.l.c. Hot Summer Vol.1"

Pretty good

This was a great idea, make it to where the 12 year olds had to work for their porn xD... Ahem, anyways, the amount of pictures for the file size was a good amount (120 pages is very nice) Double pics that you had to get the other page to get the full picture was a good idea, and making it fairly easy to get them all was nice (HINT: Bet 5 and keep rolling) 12000 points wasn't hard lol. 8/10, I would have liked a more in-depth kind of interface, but you did well, contrary to most people that just post slideshows :)

Pretty good...

But all of the good ones are past 100 which seems kinda far to get to in the long run, but overall nice game.


a such boring untill unlock all pages, but cool


I just got a bad load or something but this sucked, The slots were WAY to small and only 1/2 the screen has a pic on it the other 1/2 is black with nothing moving (except the slots) The Hentai pics are OK but nothing anyone has not seen before, Unless you REALLY love slots and REALLY love 1/2 of your screen to be hentai wile you play this is not very good

HALC responds:

There more than 120 pages of hentai - play the slots and open them, it`s very easy.

Im gonna be honest

Im gonna be honest i really dont know how to unlock more pages, i think you need to get more coins but still no new pages open.... Its sad i know but still some nice images there lol. Oh and Its Available, not Aviable XD