Reviews for "PONG Gets Personal"

damn pong is violent

that's funny shit. do space invaders and missle command. o god that's funny. i'm sendin it to my friends.

tee hee hee

Really funny, a nice twist on a shitty game

hey smolder1 just in case your wondering...

Oska is the true author of this flash straight from his site. Just thought I say that. Great movie though

Utterly Amazing!

I saw this a while back on a TV show, and ever since its been one of my fav things on the net. The sound works brilliantly, the humour is hilarious and the style/idea is just sensational. One of THE best movies on the web!


All my 5 are belong 2 this!

BTW: Who the heck cares if something is "stolen"? As long as it is good, I don't care. Also, this needs to be on G4TV. Maybe on "PORTAL".