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Reviews for "PONG Gets Personal"


I think of this movie every time I play Pong now! It was so funny! The sound was good, but the voices sorta got annoying after a while...Either way it was hillarious! Just one qustion though...how do they survive after getting run over, getting a plank stabbed though their head, and getting thwacked on the face a couple hundred times? Overall, this was a funny movie! Now if you excuse me, I gotta go play some Pong!

the point is

what is the point of this.is it trying to be funny if it is then it is real funny.also me and my frind wants to know where did the gew pong ball come from.


that was funny, very creative style.

Great Man

This was great, very well designed and intellegent way to handle things... Oh, and to the guy behind me, thats the world, people cuss, anymore that IS whats proper for all ages, so grow up and get used to it.

Ya for random

Well it was well animated, and random unexpected ending, good job.