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Reviews for "PONG Gets Personal"

This IS the original!

Now settle down everyone. You are all getting worked up over nothing. We (cards-n-toons.com)created the original of Pong and that is what you have just watched. We give Madblast permission to showcase a number of our ecards and likewise NG. If you see our cards on more than one site, what of it? Its all free entertainment and increases the possibility of everyone seeing it. We also made the Bin Laden animation to the Banana Boat Song. That has been on various web sites and became the most popular ecard of all time. Its all exposure. And its FREE
so Chill Out.

Not bad

Not bad, but everyone says it was a copy, in which case it sucks


all the movies this person has been putting on are on madblast.com, and other people have been ripping em off ever since they came out. i don't care if this is the real maker or not, people should stop posting stuff from other sites, and if you're the maker posting your stuff on multiple site, put something in the movie to prove it.


i could swear this already on newgrounds......