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Reviews for "PONG Gets Personal"

the funnyist thing on newground yet!

repeat first part

it represents its mexicans

represent ur mexican

Grand theft auto 3 meets pong.

watch before you judge.

To The Delf

You dumb ass, if you go to madblast.com and finish the stupid Pong clip you will see it has OSKA Software as the Author on it you fucking retard. MADBLAST is a damn submission site just like Newgrounds is. Those things dont come out of thin air, Madblast sponsors people's work! Now lay off! The author apparently submitted this clip to MORE than one site. You dont beleive me..watch that damn clip at madblast again and look at the end you moron.
http://www.madblast.com /view.cfm?type=FunFlash&displa y=834


Pretty funny...first i thought it would be lame. i didnt think it would last that long.i think they should of gotten more points for hitting each other with better things.kinda weak ending though. funny though