Reviews for "Moon Light Sparking"

The game

Amazing simply amazing! The game itself is pretty much explains itself shoot a colored ball into other colored balls of the same color. Simple and easy and the music is so calming it gives the right setting to just burn a couple minutes away and you feel good while playing it over 10/10 5


great game! this is a really nice new-formed classic game.. It took me a really took me a long time to figure the things out of the super bubbles (I didn't read you comment at first). but it is really amazing, if I just had a nice combo of over 20 bubbles that I popped, I just shot everywhere and the screen kept being white, that just gave em an awesome feeling. The graphics are really nice, also the gameplay is nice (although it isn't original). I don't really like the song, but all the other things are really OK, so this will be an 8.

Great Game!

I like the musik