Reviews for "Destructo Box Fan Drive!"


woot ! biscuit for alex !

DestructoBox responds:

He appreciates it!

Meh, You're bluffing

Personally I think this is a poor attempt to get new fans subscribed to you.

It's a bluff and I won't fall for it, you wouldn't really kill your song writer, after all if he dies who writes the songs? Not to mention how hard it would be to get a new song writer after they find out about what happened to Alex.

I bet that once the camera's are off Alex is out of the cage eating steak and lobster. I won't fall for cheap makeup, fake wounds, and fake tears. I won't believe you, and thus not subscribe till I see Alex's cooling, desicated corpse.

So either you give up the bluff or you give up your ablity to add songs to your flash. And I call upon all my fellow newgrounders to join with me in calling this bluff.

DestructoBox responds:

Well..the truth is, we put him in there as a joke, then lost the keys so we just sort of went with it.
Seems to be working out ok so far...for us at least.


So I am just wondering... is there a box god? you know... just incase the machine runs out of biscuits... and everyone forgets to refill it, Will Alex go to box heaven?... nah... he'll prob go to box cutter hell.... for all those crimes against those small tender boxes...

...anywaaaays... keep up the good work :D

DestructoBox responds:

Don't worry. The machine is refillable, so he'll be around for a loooong whiiiile.


When do we get to see this "crime fighting spiders with raging boners" movie. You can't just drop a bomb like that and leave us hangin.

DestructoBox responds:

We're mulling it over. Don't worry. It hasn't been forgotten ;)

we need to band together newgrounders!

and save Al.... what was that about crime fighting spiders with huge boners? will we be seeing a series starring these spiders? Hells yeah! Eh, Clark proly deserves this treatment anyway if he can't defend himself from being kidnapped in his sleep. Maybe these crime fighting spiders can rescue him with their huge boners?