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Reviews for "Songbox May Cause Seizure"

I feel like i am going to have a seizure

Man you made the backgrounds to flash if someone unlike me that really did have seizures a lot were to watch this they would probably die


this backgounds can cause epilepsy at some people, u should warn that on the description, but still some nice backgrounds there xd

I hate to break it to you but...

This is really why we have an audio portal. Also did you have to make the backrounds that crazy? I expect quite a few people are going to/are having/already had some sort of seizure.

Bull Nonsense!!

Dude( or dudet) good try but their are hardly any songs to even choose from and the backgrounds nearly gave my friend a seizure. It dosen't have to flash rapidly to look cool.

its good

but i will soon have seizures