Reviews for "DuckLife2: World Champion"


After beating this game, I can clearly say that the promise of winning was the only thing that kept me going; the minigames were extremely repetitive or even outright broken. Climbing became harder and harder as I gained levels to the point of unplayability. On the other hand, flying was too easy in that it required almost no effort, only moving up and down, but the fact that it could not be played indefinitely was frustrating. Coin receiving was also imbalanced. Flying was practically a money tree, while running could never earn me more than one or two coins once it sped up enough. As for swimming, it often put coins in places where I would be killed, and sometimes glitched, plunging me deep underwater to crash. The races themselves were only kind of exciting. The four-attribute system was decently interesting, though. The graphics were also a little simple, but not much too simple. The level editor is a good concept, but you can't really have much fun with it because the races themselves aren't interactive.

Good time waster!

I thought overall it was a pretty decent game.

My only gripe though is the cheats. Whats the point of the extreme training, or the 200K when your already maxed out (You need to be to beat the game). I was hoping that when I cleared my data I could start over again, and have the 200K and the Extreme Training, so I could really just dominate in the beginning levels. Guess not though.

I loved it.

But it is so BUGGY. the cheats are nice but pointless and my duck wont run in the level editor. this game needs work.

speed issues

this game was better than the previous, however I noticed some serious speed problems towards the end of the game, some of which have been mentioned. a couple others I noticed was that while training for climbing, oftentimes my duck would fall through the side of the wall and the screen would continue off to the side and upwards until I eventually failed, also the speed causes the game overall to lag, which in turn makes the player's duck either pull forward or fall behind whilst racing... Not a bad game but I feel most of these problems could have easily been avoided had you spent a bit more time on the game.

I loved it was hooked within the first 5 min

This is a very fun game i love how you have to train your bird to get better its really fun and i just can't stop playing it great job i hope you make another one with all new features