Reviews for "DuckLife2: World Champion"


liked the first one... LOVE this one :D

Nice but...

When I first looked at this I thought "Not another one" but I found that I enjoyed this game. It is a lot better looking than the first one and the mini-games are still pretty fun, not to mention the feeling my well-trained duck is whispering "I must break you" to the others, but it still has a few bugs that really distravt from the game.


You're essentially doing a couple of minigames over and over, except the longer you survive at the minigames the higher your skill goes up, but that doesn't really matter because you can just continue doing the minigames as long as you want. Then, when the skill is maxed out, you enter the race and watch your duck win. Then you do it again for the next race. Not really captivating.


This game was awesome! and i was able to beat flying training on extreme difficulty!!! Great game! Keep it up!

good game but..

it has ALOT of bugs the fist one had a few but this has alot more one i found out is when it says you got japanese paint you got the USA Flag colors another i foudn out is if you click black crown the gold and black start to flash like a graphic problem plus the editor is messed up aswell my duck couldnt move at all i will give ya a 10 cause if it gets fixed up it would be more enjoyable