Reviews for "DuckLife2: World Champion"

awesome game!

i really like this game, could have a bit more veriation in the ways that you control the different challenges, but appart from that, REALLY cool!!!

But... Erhm.. Sorry to ask you this, but are you colorblind?.... The colors that i was told i was gonna get for my chicken was FAR off... some of them where just other nuances than prommised, but the green for example, was purple... :P great game though!

What an Ending

The game itself is very good and well put when it comes to the levels and ranks. I love the cheats and the level editor and the extreme training at the end. The cheats are a nice touch while the level editor is just great. Extreme training is great cause it makes the game still playable. When you beat the game you think you don't want to play anymore but the extreme training makes it all worth while. The graphics when you use cheats get a little splotchy but that's okay. Though I do wish you could play the races yourself instead of watching them.

it seemed great but

it kept glitching out during the climbing minigame for me and well I'm not gonna play a game that refuses to let me level up a certain stat especially if its an upgrade game.


Fun game, simple and very addictive.

Also its funny going back to the first race when you have max stats

I've just founds a glitch.

My duck is level 110, and whenever i finish a race from Hawaii, 3/4 of the screen goes blue, while i can only see the top-left corner of the screen. I can't even click on buttons. Please fix this so whoever had gotten this glitch doesn't have to spam F5