Reviews for "DuckLife2: World Champion"

i really like how you make your games possible to win and it's fun.

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Again, nicely done. The story is kinda pointless, but it's fun nonetheless.

One thing, though... The base max level is 20, right?
I upped to 30 and cleared my game - it stayed at 30.

it keeps glitching... =P

amazing game, but every now and again, while im on the menu part, a blue box or somthin comes and blocks up 3/4s of the screen, and the clicking doesnt work where the blue is... =P

Finally beat the game

I beat the game and here are some tips to all the pepole who are having trouble

1)When training your running all you have to do is play and you get one level insentaly
2)When training running randomly jump when a ball is coming it works
3)When flying just avoid the signs go above them or below them depending on were they are
4)Climbing is as wasy as avoid anything in your way
5)Dont worry on spending your money on other things like hats andd color when you have full energy and when you when you beat all 3 races in a area use that money to upgrade your max level.