Reviews for "Palote"


That made absolutely no sense to me...but I loved it!


what i loved about this was, it strayed from the generic stick movies out there. it had great colorful scenery and it wasn't just a couple of stick figure beating each other up. good job


Nice! Like what you did to the guy, giving him extra limbs, works great!

smooooooooooooooooooooooooth.... Shiiiiiiinyyyyyy!

Lol cone-shaped green worms... awesome! And there faces are cool 2. I wonder if there was a sequel then it wuld have a storyline i suppose? or maybe a prequel telling us what happened.

Diglet dig Diglet dig trio trio trio

I loved it! Allthough it's kind of brutal, you bring it with such a nice vibe; with the pretty colors, good music and funny details as the green diglets stick out their tongues, it makes you really happy watching this while getting your daily dose of violence at the same time:)