Reviews for "Palote"

Fuck the monsters,,,

... Tripping over the rock in the beginning was the best part hahahaha!

A very good looking and smooth animation. You are very good at what you do.

I liked it

This was a cool little flash you made here,i thought the animation was really vibrant & had a lot of color especially for a stickman flash,the audio had a lot of rhythm & was catchy plus it went very well with the video itself,overall i enjoyed this flash and think you did an excellent job.

worm attack :D

shortest description i ever seen :D

cool but

what the fuck were those things

Awesome, smooth! CHILEEAN! yeah

Very entertaining, it's a very simple storyline, and characters, but it's still a great quality piece of animation.

Buenisimo, y has recibido excelentes votaciones, sigue asi socio, enviame un pm si quieres hacer un colaborativo alguna vez.