Reviews for "Palote"


This is so perfect :D

Muy bueno

fue muy decente y genial la cansion estaba chida la animacion muy buena sigue asi carnal

Esta muy bueno

EN idioma binario: 101010101010101010


esto es MUY DEMASIADO profesional. Tu trabajo es de calidad absoluta, compadre :D

Now that's insane

I really liked this video because it was really quite original all around! It almost seems like something someone like LazyMuffin or Tim Frommeyer would come up with. While it was extremely confusing, the artwork was simply gorgeous. You also had no idea what was going to happen next and did not really care. It might have used a bit more action, but it revelled in its own insanity so much I did not care about that either. The music is also really stylistic and it is great to see the action fit the grooves.