Reviews for "The Faster the Treadmill"

pretty awesome

Well after I left I negative review on your supervillain toon, I decided to look at your other work, as I had said your work always left me feeling disappointed in the lack of substance, I gotta say, I was wrong, as I've watched many of your animations and found they are all well written, and this video is no different. I still believe my supervillain review was right, as I do not feel like there is any emotional connection of any kind to the supervillain, but I don't think you should do something just for popularity's sake. The supervillain toons should be whatever you want them to be, and no negative review by me or anyone else should change that. I do think, however, there is a great story you could pull out of the supervillain series, but that is not something I can decide. There will be people who always think you should've done it some different way, so in the end the only thing that really matters is the way you think you should do it. Anyways, I've gotten a bit winded and Im on a mobile so I don't want to go back and edit this, so take it as you will. I enjoyed this video a lot, as always great music, great artwork, thanks for sharing!

The awesomer the treadmill

It seems like everything you do is pretty much awesome. And your work just keeps getting better and better. And your music interest is great, I can't stop listening to Sulek, MIke manigone, and I fight dragons now. And I do have to say this has to be one my favorites of your work. It kinda made me feel like if i try hard enough ill be able to be what i want to be. But everything in this and your other work is just great.


Yeah, it doesnt happen too much that I can actually interpret a situation in my life in a video here, or anywhere! But there´s this girl I like, and I think she knows I like her, but I have developped an instinct due to some previous situations in my life (a little hard for explaining) which disables me to tell her, so that I´m sure. So now I´m trapped between love and my instincts like the fetusaur is trapped between his love and the overwelming power of morallity and normallity. D:

Great video, nice music! :D


Is so cute, her(her, yes?) love the player(or the adventurer?). *-*
And WOW! That is my favourite in your stuff. :D
The music and moves in the movie make a syncrony (i don't no how write that)
Well, is beatiful!


I have watched this video a thousand times through, and genuinely it just connects with me like no other. Not going to lie, I have "fetusaur" as a tattoo. Bet you can't guess where!