Reviews for "The Faster the Treadmill"

i like

at fist i thought it was going to suck but it got better.10/10& 5/5 for the song
4/5&7/10 for illastation

over all 9/10 & 5/5


man I wish I knew how to make an awesome face with text, loved the song andthe video was awesome


It was a good video but the music not only sucked really bad but also just didnt go with the animation.

creative but not effective

I thought they were tadpoles... Its a cool idea but for some reason it literally put me to sleep the first time I watched it... I don't really feel like the music fits the animation because the song sounds depressed and dull to me and the animation has a lot of action going on. Also your style of animation makes me sleepy so in my opinion you should never combine your animations with dull low energy songs like this one.

My favorite parts where the winged fetusaur chewing on the crystal and when it came out of the TV.

lol- meaningful

really good- liked the song
at first i thought it wasthis was just another random/pointless video but then i actually listened to the music and understood the meaning