Reviews for "The Faster the Treadmill"

Ok, so, crazy story...

I saw this nearly a year ago, loved it as well as the song in it, and ended up forgetting about this and the name of the song, which made me sad, because it would always pop in my head and make me wonder "what was that?!?!"
Well I just stumbled upon the "I Fight Dragons" Album that has this song on it, and I typed the name of it on this site, and here I am again. But this time I'm favoriting so I can come back to it whenever :D

yay <3

:3 I love it, the song, the animation, everything. Good work!
<3 Cheese Spawn


The animation, music and mesage are all awesome.


Fetusaur is awesome. i love the randomness in every video you have, also, this screams sequal with all its soul.


hes so cute ^w^