Reviews for "The Faster the Treadmill"


Very unique flash witch makes it very entertaining! This flash definitely sticks out from the rest!! Good work!

two sides

in the end not all of the "enemy" are really bad people it seems

Whoa, this is great.

I really enjoy this. I think it really fits the song, and the actual animation has good meaning to it. Great job. :D

this is such a great moive !!! i love it!!!!!

i really love this movie..... i cant help to think this is a summrey of my life........ fetusaur (the main charactor) wishes for something more in life and he doesent fit in. he wishes to be the oppasite of what he is suppose to be but everyone tells him that he has to be what he is...... but in the end he finally has the chance to be what he whats to be. the music goes perficly with the moive. iv watched this at least 7 times today. if only i could choose what i wanted...........

jaw droping

if you dont rate this a 10 you dont deserve to be on here this is one of the bast videos i have ever seen i would give it 20 i love it and got the song