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Reviews for "IQ Ball"


i love the game you should make a sequel :)


the game is great , it has well designed levels and good physics
and i noticed a reference to the giant enemy crab meme haha
dont forget to flip it over and attack its weak point for massive damage hahah

this reminds me

this reminds me of iggys wreckign ball (if any body played N64)
duder try remkeing that game lawl

for makeing me reminess u get 5/5 and 10/10

Make Moar!

Loved it. So fun, i love puzzle games like this.
And to 'MindRaker':::
If your dumb enough to need a walk through for a game this easy, then join the page. So what, its just a page. And if your giving it a 0 for just that, then you should get a 0 for being a little bitch.

good game

i had IQ 149