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Reviews for "IQ Ball"

This Song Broke My Trunk Open

Delicious album that channels the watery elephant in us all leaving the brain feeling like a goblet of overcooked cobler. Terrific!

HAHA!!! huge cheat if ur lucky...

if your computer lags for this game u r actually lucky. click where u want the ball to go and hold it, then point to the next spot u will fire and and click as fast as possible and hold it. THE CLICK COUNT DOESNT GO UP!!! i got an IQ of 203 so far! i tried again later and my computer ran fine so i couldnt do that chaet again :( oh well, great game, NEEDS A SEQUEL!!!

Good game

9/10 because a game about IQ shouldn't have such bad English as "You have win" >_>

hey ummm whats with the kitty?

173 was the highest i could get... and whats with the ca in level 6? if you don't believe me theres a cat in level six at the top of the level off screen. one more thing why dose it say you have win at the end of the game and not you have WON? its an IQ game and the last thing you see is grammatically incorrect? thats just wrong.

well good fun, PS level 24 with the vase FUCKIN HELL i only smashed the thing by accident, that level had me for 30 min stuck


crazy glitches all over the place