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Reviews for "IQ Ball"

Not a bad game.

The game play in itself is quite interesting, however why is it called IQ ball, because the IQ reading given by each level is completely wrong and IQ does not really have much to do with it, however that aside it is a fun and good game.

fun but...

You Have Win
thats the only thing wrong with this game.
but its still not as bad as ghost busters
if anyone knows what im talking about.
but its still fun.
i felt like a purple blobby spider man

You have win? :P

For an IQ game I was expecting it to at least be able to use grammar correctly and say "you have won". I know I'm probably not the only one who saw thing, but it should still be pointed out in my opinion.

Now critics aside, I loved this game. Some puzzle games you get tired after 20 levels and see you still have 30 to go and it's tiring. But this one makes you wish you had twice as more at least. Boss battles like the spider would be awesome in a sequel. A little more elaborate than the spider of course. A limited number of click per level could add some challenge though it might ruin the fun of some people so it should be optional in my opinion. Otherwise, great fun game to spend about 10 minutes on.

Simple point and click game.

It is fun, but far from being an "IQ" game, I mean Stephen Hawking would not be very good at this game. I found some of it repetitive with the wheel and I kind of gave up trying to minimize my clicks because it was way more fun to swing around like spider man. There was a strange blue square that appeared in the center of the game, but that might have been my browser, It was present in the later levels but disappeared when the "You haz a winner" popped up ( I got the joke, at least i hope it was a joke). Also, that was an awesome spider!

Good fun

Fun simple game with a couple of bugs that can be looked into before the sequel arrives.

Clicking on top of the text in the beginning of each level gives you a free hook(still 0).

It's not a knowledge game, nor a memory game. It's an IQ game and as such perfect spelling isn't actually a must at all. Intelligence is per definition the ability to deduct information from the input you get.