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Reviews for "IQ Ball"

Fun game

This game was pretty fun. The music was nice (although it does get annoying after a while), the visuals were very good, and the gameplay was simple but addictive. I think it was appropriately long because it managed to keep all of the puzzles fresh without being too repetitive.

IQ: 166 acording to this game...

Nice game, but it needs more options to it... for example: the good ol' elemental colours thing; different colours have different effects on what you stick onto, etc...


Great Game, good Work...... Its Interesting and Sweet...


A fairly simple yet effective game.
Controls were easy and the animation was smooth. Also, none of the levels were TOO hard which is good, cause I myself aint no hardcore gamer, so this was a nice timewaste for me.
I was happy with pretty much everything until I got to the end where it said something like "Congradulations. You have win", which made me laugh cause it reminded me of old games which had typos in everywhere.


Awesome game and whatever and @splinterhood my game did that too
still dont know why