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Reviews for "IQ Ball"


could only get up to level 20. But, fun game


Reminds me of the original Bionic Commando. Only instead of killing nazis, you're increasing your IQ. Huh. Well, regardless, swinging around is still fun no matter how it's implemented (at least in my opinion) so I suppose it's a fine addition to the portal. But...I have to say -2 for the music. It's kind of annoying.

Enjoyed it

I like the concept. It was cute, and the goals of most the levels were clear. It may not be a super-accurate test of I.Q., but it was close enough for me. Good job, keep it up!

Very fun.

Very awesome. Very fun. Loved the music.

There are some false parts

This game is to simple to test your IQ. fun game, but its not a good IQ test