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Reviews for "IQ Ball"

It was fun

That was pretty cool. My IQ is 125.

A Near Flawless IQ Game

In the style of many modern games, this game makes puzzle solving quite fun and inventive. The "IQ" idea in general is pretty interesting as well.

The only problem I had was the sudden increase in difficulty; maybe it's just me, but around level 20 it stopped being easy and suddenly switched to difficult. Perhaps a smoother transition?

Otherwise, a great addition to the Newgrounds Puzzle-Game canon.


prwtty easy but awesome! got an iq total of 113

Very fun!

Didn't enjoy the music that much, but other than that the game is both challenging and creative. A good mix of puzzle and physics. Visually the game is splendind. It is a bit short, hopefully the sequel will have more levels.
The author of IQ Ball did a great job. Just one point off for the music.

no 1

Its unaccurate but one of the best games %u0131ve ever played