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Reviews for "IQ Ball"


I have win!


i love the game you should make a sequel :)

I feel smarter after playing

What an awesome game. Great visual design, good sound effects, solid presentation overall. But the physics are in charge today; and what a good and noble leader they are. That; and the fact that the level design is so good as well. Thank you for not making the same mistake that so many other game makers make, by understanding something:
Looking at the same graphics over and over again gets really sickening after a while
So gold medal to you for having new objects and slightly new backgrounds be consistently added to the game as the levels go on.
Oh and about that too; only 25 levels? Good job! Not too long, not too short.

Maybe the only two flaws are 1: the main character needs to not be so static, make him roll around. And 2: better music please. What you have right now is okay, but nothing special.