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Reviews for "IQ Ball"

Fun game, buuut..

1. It just needed to be longer...
2. It's not IQ, it's percent, they have just written IQ instead. I got 100% in ALL of them - In first try.
3. It's too easy to complete. Just understand the basics, and that's it.
4. Grammar issues - Like when you win, theres just written "You have win". Please, fix it.

this reminds me

this reminds me of iggys wreckign ball (if any body played N64)
duder try remkeing that game lawl

for makeing me reminess u get 5/5 and 10/10

Well Done

It was very stylized and smooth. not my particular favorite kind of game, but for its genre you did a great job.

Very Cute

O Yay! I have win!

Very cute, and some unintended engrish at the end perhaps?


I loved the concept, which kinda took a spin on golf rules and had fun physics.
Some of the physics didn't seem to work as well as intended though, such as the bridge-breaking level.

I finished with an IQ of 196. Anyone beat that?