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Reviews for "IQ Ball"


i wanted more levels.

fun fun fun

this game is easy 2 play fun as hell and is evrithin u cud want fro on online game!

Favorite Game

I like the soundtrack. And I feel stupid since I maintained d a 101 =/

I know that guy!

It was so cool how you used the purple guy who was in the KingDotCom sponsor icon! This was so easy for the first two levels but the third was simply unbeatable. I have to give you guys credit for creating something that has such cuteness to it. I love the goofy little sound the blob makes when it grabs things. It is a fairly simple game, so there is not much else to say about it except it can get very frustrating. It was so nice of you guys to include the walkthrough throughout, of course.

too easy

but nice concept. Could be turned in a nice series. Or maybe a good children's game.

Whoever said finished this with a 196 IQ is lying, I'm pretty sure I could maybe get 2 or 3 more points out of the puzzles and still got only 189...