Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

It's ok

Personally I struggle to jump over the first bosses knifes and bullets because you have to be exact about when you jump and how far forward you just and you have to slowly move forward.. Then he turns into a ball and it's hard to jump if you do it incorrectly and just get dragged across the floor

Good, but...

Sometimes there are minor annoyances here and there. For instance, when the first boss uses his gun, you're locked in cinema mode until the first shot is like a foot from your face. You're likely to use a continue dying from that shot or the one directly behind it alone, which is annoying.
I also experienced a glitch with the second boss. None of his shots went off, but that also meant I couldn't kill him. I was forced to restart.

My point is basically that the game itself is fine, and it's fine if you want to make things a challenge. If you're gonna make the game a challenge however, please make sure there aren't any bugs or points where the player might die simply because of the game and not because the player made a mistake. A challenging game is gonna be frustrating; a challenging game with bugs and points that kind of force a death out of the player is gonna make people stop playing.

Otherwise, like I said, good game. I enjoyed the simplicity of the controls and the decent difficulty. Reminded me of the SNES.

here's an 8

i loved to play the whole game but the puzzles where very and the last boss i said wtf is with this boss three shots and he's dead.But i loved the graphics and the music.So,i'm gonna give you a nine:):D:P;).Keep up the good work:)).

Fun game.

Good game though it begins to ease up near the end, I noticed a few things; I found that when you die firing and movement is still possible until spawn, you are just invisible and the doors after you kill a boss take way too long to open maybe you could think about that as well. Other than this it was a great little game I enjoyed the progression throughout. Great job.

Thanks E.


there is no way to beat this without continues. It just isnt possible to dodge the green guys punches when he teleports. But awesome game.