Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


This guy is over rated.
It doesnt deserve front page just because it's pretty.
Shity gameplay should count for something, because when I see the games in the front page im expecting great games with responsive controls not pretty ones with stuck controls that look like where made to be played with only one hand.
Again, i can only agree with fruitberryboy, this game simply average.

Why did i play

I should have heeded everyone's warnings.
But i was silly enough to play it.

Too many things in this game wrong.
It frustrated me to the point that I only tried to play it twice.

You need to fine tune it before you post it.

Seems like you made it, but didn't play it yourself.


after i beat the first boss i get his weapon and stays in the same place wtf! could be a good game but...

Poor gameplay.

The game had horrible pacing. The controls were sluggish. The game was riddled with glitches, and felt a lot like a feature creep. The only saving grace is that artwork is par to what has come to be expected of flash games of the genre.

However: the break down goes as this.
The pacing needs to improve, more chaos, less controlled "obvious boss patterns". The controls must be improved as well.

Sluggish controls lent themselves to even further failure because of the distinct inability to move and attack at the same time. There also have been slight intervals between each movement that makes the game less enjoyable, it's almost as if you let the animations take priority of the game-play.

BUGS! As someone else has mentioned it's possible to have bosses that never die, or bosses that ARE dead but not counted as dead, either forcing you to restart, or find a creative way to kill yourself (with the exception of the first stage, there was none). There have also been times where the character simply got "stuck" here and there.

The feature creep comes when where you have silly mini-games that detract enjoyment from the game rather than add to it. What does collecting stars have to do other than add a meaningless and tedious task for the player to do? Or rapidly press A (with from what I saw little consequence for not tapping A)? The context is important, there was no context for the stars, and hardly any reason to be tapping the A button unless you gave the player a perceived sense of danger or urgency. Take what you did with the time-bomb for example, THAT had a sense of urgency that got me slightly hurried even when the solution was obvious.

However, the artwork in of itself was good which is why the game deserved more than a failing grade. However in gaming, game-play is king, not artistic ability. It was a good attempt and an ambitious one at that. It is unfortunate it fell short on so many aspects.


Most of you are just being jerks, yes it has a phiew bugs, yes it's not perfect but it is cool and good to play, the controls are good ive played mutch mutch worse,
And to all you semi-trolls beneath (execpt the ones who arent) you do better and then maybe you can be some complayny willy wonkas.

The game was real fun and cool i played it twice