Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

Not thought through

Cinematics are slow and boring, noone cares about the beginning story enough to have to be forced to watch it. Game play needs work, it's slow, frustrating and can cause unnecessary death.

Surprised anyone thought this was pretty. Firing offscreen doesn't work, jumping is slow, all actions have a slight delay on them. Game is also unchallenging and very easy.

Challenging but glitchy.

Very difficult, but all right, I didn't find any glitches except one. When you fire a shot and the boss is offscreen it doesn't hit the boss. So when the hair dude was rolling at me even though he was right in front of me I couldn't hit him because he wasn't onscreen. Also the train should have more room to move around because it was very difficult to dodge attacks in such a small space.


This... is... awesome! I'm going to play it again and again until my computer breaks!

very nice.

very nice, i haven't experienced the problems others have had but all in all, this is a very fun game. although after i fought the first boss and picked up the gun, the game sort of froze. i'll try again in a moment but none the less very fun, not the best, but certainly not bad.

Really enjoyed it.

The artwork was great, I didn't experience any of the bugs that people seem to be bitching about, and I enjoyed all the different boss battles and even the puzzles thrown in there. Now, I'm not saying it was perfect. The controls were rudimentary, and movement was a bit slow. Also, I'd prefer to have one life with a Health Bar than one hit kills and 10 lives, but that's just a question of HUD. Though that would eliminate the death animations. OF course, you could get hit, do the death animation, and then just reverse it and have the corpse spring back to life, but again, a quibble. Very good, though.