Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


there is no way to beat this without continues. It just isnt possible to dodge the green guys punches when he teleports. But awesome game.

Just plain bad.

I have nothing good to say about this game!

Fun game.

Good game though it begins to ease up near the end, I noticed a few things; I found that when you die firing and movement is still possible until spawn, you are just invisible and the doors after you kill a boss take way too long to open maybe you could think about that as well. Other than this it was a great little game I enjoyed the progression throughout. Great job.

Thanks E.

Could be fun, but..

as remarked below, the intro but especially the scenes during play take a lot of the fun out. Especially if for some reason (see below) you have to watch them a second time. 'Skip' button?

One remark on the gameplay: I found it a bit annoying that one can only shoot when standing still, especially when running after the rolling hairy guy.

Then, after watching/playing through the first scene there's this bomb thing with a puzzle. Nice idea, only (maybe as a result of walking into the hole?) I couldn't change any of the pieces (clicking or pressing buttons), so the bomb went off and I had to start over.

nice i saved the town to X3

the game wasn´t bad at all