Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


this is what you get when you mix mario with ke$ha


i like it it's just that i couldn't get throught the puzzle


Had fun playing it,so awesome.

Pretty Good

But seeing that you've already made dozens of games, I know you can do better. The pure boss theme was good, but I think the hero could use hitpoints or something. My logic is that most of the bosses (excluding the first) have to be hit numerous times to die, while one hit--sometimes just on the feet--can kill the hero. Even with multiple lives, this is kind of annoying.

The puzzle in the second compartment has a shorter solution, but only deactivates the bomb if you use all pieces. I couldn't really get the lever, whether I mashed A as quickly as I could or if I went in rhythm with the icon. The walkthrough neither clarified my question or helped get past it. I had to watch it just to see the ending.

Still, the weapons/armor system is pretty cool, and I liked not having to slash through hundreds of minions just to get to a boss, as most side-scrollers demand.

How could you hate this game?

Games that have nothing but boss fights. This automatically registers a 10 out of 10 on my awesome scale. If the bosses are crappy, I move the marker down the scale to attribute for the mess up. This is not the case with this game. It had excellent boss fights and great controls. And for those of you who think its too hard, MAN UP I made it through with 5 lives left. Get over your pity party and try again, after all, it's a great game.