Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

Has EXTREME potential

The concept is really fun, I dont think I have played a game with an idea of having few BOSSES on each train, really nice. I'm no expert, but, i think you needed to spend a lot more time, though. it is extremely buggy. My biggest concern (which prevented me from complteing the game) is the hitboxes. This always had me dying when not even touching the attack. Example: the afro ball. I would easily jump over it, but as i was landing behind the ball, I would still get caught in it's roll. As for the Robot in stage 2. Once it was in invulnerable mode, i would jump, also easily and well timed, but since the speed of the ball was hard to process (I think?), I would get caught once again. One more is the Bat also in stage 2. Technically, there is a sweet spot where you SHOULDN'T get hit, but a purple ball coming as close as at least 1 cm on the screen, i would turn purple, and dissolve. 3 strikes, you're out (or in this case, I'm out)

All i ask is to spend more time fixing some things up. I know there are some who would beat the game and shun me, but "for the hardcore gamer" im the close-call gamer, which adds challenge, so that just about evens us out.

rolling afro

lol that was fun i guess it could have been a bit better but i had fun

I agree

Yeah i agree with pokelover, i does get really boring after a while.. Re-make it, but next time more exciting

8 stars for effort, and i guess an 'okay' game

pretty fun but...

there should be a way to skip the cutscenes, they are pretty slow and its even worse when you are continuing and have already seen them before

also, sometimes the second boss glitches. he jumps out of the hole but doesn't shoot anything and you can damage him but he doesn't die

Challenging and fun

But also very buggy.