Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

Go work some more

As many has said before me, good concept, flawed execution.

man i hate bugs

and this one was rly obvious, it was impossible for me to kill the second boss(the jumping one) he just jumped and jumped and his health bar was empty.....


its ok bit weak but ok. i glitched the second boss and he keeps jumping and not shooting also i cant kill him so yea. also i think the code is bad.

i didnt like it

idc wat u say but i thot it was to hard rofl

Interesting Concept, Flawed Execution

The concept is quite interesting for a flash game --a hero fighting bosses on a train? I expected a game worthy of console hack-n-slash games, because the description made me think that "hardcore gamers" would really like this.

Sadly, I was mistaken. Not a very interesting hero, and the whole fighting on a train thing could have been fleshed out to be a whole lot more interesting -- fighting on top of all the cars, with an unstable environment, was what I was thinking to be honest. The cut-scenes were also fairly weak, but that's not really noteworthy considering the game that they're apart of.

That's not to say that it's not worthwhile game, though. The bosses, though just as uninteresting as the hero, are a good challenge for anyone who likes games such as these. Though it won't appeal to people with high standards and unwarranted self-importance (hey, that's not nice!), there is still an audience for this game. Don't give up hope. And if you do improve upon this original game, or make a sequel, keep these criticisms in mind.