Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


It was good, but it got very frustrating to play. Deserves higher than the 2.5 it's at now though, that only 0.1 away from my horrible abortion of a game.

great game,but

after you beat the rocket ninja he sets a bomb and you press a next the type puzzle hate and suck at.

A couple Things...

1. There is a bug on the stage 2 first boss, the green guy. I managed to kill him right before he turned into the arm bot[which is invincible]. So i thought hey maybe when he turns back he will die, nope, Just more shooting with no Hp Bar. It happened twice.
2. Fun Game :]

Indestructible Bosses?

the games art was nice and the music was good but it was very simple and boring and the 3rd boss (the weird green thing in the robot) became unkilleble somehow because i killed him just as he went in the mode where he deflects bullets so he could't die!!

The game bites

The music and art was great but the controls blew chunks. There are only 2 attacks and u can only move left right or jump making a great 5 things u can do beyond die. The gameplay is slugish and boring. I had no idea who anyone was or what the story really was. I wont even go into the already mentioned bugs.