Reviews for "Pixelotl"

yay i win

yeah i won after dying a half a dozen times on aim for the fall i actual got to the end and i look awesome and i agree with everybody that *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, cough, cough* stork was *wink wink nudge nudge cough cough* hardalso im not joking there is a *wink wink nudge nudge cough cough* stork. but seriously now if any one beat the game without dying dont keep reading if you beat the game without dying a stork comes and ruins the end of the game.

Very imaginative!

A very nice puzzle game! Very fun and entertaining!
The creature is an Axolotl by the way. =D
(Axolotls are funky)

Great game, here is the epilogue!

It was then that the lizard, bloody and bruised from being stabbed by red spikes too many times, looked at his friends who has lied to him, which caused all this pain. And he took a red spike ball, and he massacred all of them.

The End.

pretty sweet

and 1jax14 u is right and that would be funny


I loved this game, it's simple, yet not easy, the storyline is cute as hell, and the characters are pretty cool. Congrats on a great game.