Reviews for "Pixelotl"

lol what?

one of the kids below obviously couldnt beat the game, if he thinks there was actually a stork xD. good game though.

Almost disappointed...

When I first started playing I thought wow what a kids game this is so boring... and then I finished the first few levels and wow this game is just amazing. From the puzzles to the platforming. Characters to accessories. It was just fun.... I was hooked. Loved it



Make another and please be longer!


why was the last level so easy though?

The Stork Was A Lie?? :(

At least the cake isn't.

A great game, but not a particularly satisfying ending, as it was just a random level with no way to finish it besides returning to the main menu. :S
Still an AWESOME game.

A must play game.

I found the controls easy, I wish I knew how to play as the other lizards sooner (press down on them at the map screen), and wish it was longer.
I find this cute, entertaining, a refreshing new game and it's just a shame it was so short.
I hope you make more, maby even make the characters unlockable in the second game with their own unique skills and effects like, some salamanders are heavier, some jump higher, some move faster.