Reviews for "Pixelotl"

clumsy and lacking content

no music detracted from any type of immersion

clumsy movement and strange collision detection made the overall experience unejoyable.

there wasn't really anything i liked about this game.


The art isn't that good or new but it at least has some so 1/3 for Art, I don't like it but at least there is some so 1/3 and gameplay I say 1/3 for this too. This means 4/10 2/5.

Fix Bugs

i got to 3rd level and there was no more moves. learn to space the blu balls evenly
or get them cleaned out if you get my drift....good try though!


I know I'm just going to get yelled at for this, but I can't get past the second level.
Simply put, I can't jump high enough. The scampering thing does nothing, finding the edges of the blocks is terrible, and everything is just do gimmicky and lame.
I've read previous comments saying "Oh, it's amazing! All of the later levels kick ass!" Well that doesn't mean a damn thing if I can't get to them now does it?
So, terrible controls, terrible level designs, terrible character design, and sub-par physics...
Yeah, wonderful. And here I thought I might be getting into something good.