Reviews for "Pixelotl"


the stork was a lie but the cake wasn t? nice

Wonderful game. A delightful time waster

It wasn't too hard, neither too easy. The dialogue was pretty fun too. The end was a bit unsatisfying though.

Fun relaxing game

The only downside to this, is apparently I had missed a friend as I was playing through and made it to the final stage, only to find that it's locked.

There is no indication as to which level contains the friend, and the thought of having to hunt through 50 levels to find him/her turned me away. It would be nice to have some form of sign, perhaps after you have that final area, maybe the other friends can drop hints or something?

Great Gaming

Some pretty simplistic controls to match some simplistic artwork which was nice. It was just really relaxing to play and that is good. The levels weren't to easy and they weren't too hard, the game had a good balance to it the whole time. I think progressiveness of levels was also very well done. Only thing that was a little weird was that the friends made their fellow axolotl go through volcanoes and oceans just for a surprise party. Then again video games hardly ever make sense : ).

P.S. Axolotls are awesome!!!!!!!


I really enjoyed this game. The pacing is fantastic. As soon as you get used to one gameplay mechanic a new one pops up. Awesome!