Reviews for "Pixelotl"


very fun game, but the ending was disappointing, but then i saw the cake is a lie comment below and lol'd!


The cake is a lie!

Pretty cool

You can play as your friends. Go up to them in the level select menu "not the party". then press the down arrow key.

Great Gaming

Some pretty simplistic controls to match some simplistic artwork which was nice. It was just really relaxing to play and that is good. The levels weren't to easy and they weren't too hard, the game had a good balance to it the whole time. I think progressiveness of levels was also very well done. Only thing that was a little weird was that the friends made their fellow axolotl go through volcanoes and oceans just for a surprise party. Then again video games hardly ever make sense : ).

P.S. Axolotls are awesome!!!!!!!

Nice game!

But i don't get it... How do you play as your friends?