Reviews for "Pixelotl"

......do storks even eat lizards?

fun game, I enjoyed it very much =) it was one of those games that you just can't stop playing! (as said before) XD
the ending kinda was kinda disapointing but it was also cute haha =3
but... if my friends did this to me I would be sorta angry making me worry about them for nothing >.<

Great game, here is the epilogue!

It was then that the lizard, bloody and bruised from being stabbed by red spikes too many times, looked at his friends who has lied to him, which caused all this pain. And he took a red spike ball, and he massacred all of them.

The End.

Nice game am impressed.

Its a game i actually could not stop playing it until i completed it nice work, number 2 please? :)


why was the last level so easy though?

HA! I knew it!

The cake was a lie! Wait, no it wasn't. Or was it? GAH!!!!!